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BOOKSHELF // Five Great Reads

Book Recommendations

The final chapter of a good book presents a dilemma: to continue to read at breakneck speed through the denouement, or to slow right down in the hope of prolonging the joy of reading something so very absorbing? It helps, of course, if you’ve got your next great read lined Read more →

PHOTO DIARY: Elvis Hits London

Elvis Presley's Wallet

I know – I’m a bit behind on this one: despite being an ardent Elvis fan, it’s taken me a good few months to go to see the exhibition of around 300 of his personal artefacts. The reason for my delay? I honestly had misgivings about the slightly macabre nature of Read more →

Three of the Best: Mobile Beauty

Mobile Beauty Reviews London

A combination of the close proximity of strangers, the lack of signal and fact that I cannot see the driver makes tube travel very disagreeable to me. I have, however, found a coping mechanism: spa music. Ah yes, an orchestra of woodwind classics that conjures up the happy memory of being Read more →

A Sojourn to the Seychelles

A glimpse of the Indian Ocean through the trees

Prior to visiting, whenever I told people I was heading to the Seychelles for work my declaration that it would most certainly not be a holiday was met with incredulity. While there was little time to kick back (shooting seven stories in nine days is a tall order), I totally Read more →



Yes, this is my third visit to Budapest in a year. And what of it?! I see no reason to abstain; the city still has me in its thrall. In fact, now that I’m back in London I fully intend on finding another excuse to visit in the next few Read more →

REVIEW: Gazelli At Home Facial

Gazelli At Home Facial Review

I recently bought a house. In the long-term, I know that this is a move of the most advantageous variety and that, to borrow the most hackneyed expression when discussing the ‘housing ladder’, getting a foot on a rung is a feat in itself. In the short-term, however, it means Read more →

REVIEW: Alexandra Soveral Facial at The Mondrian London

Alexandra Soveral Facial Mondrian London

Alexandra Soveral’s been on my list of uber Facialists I want to see for yonks. Her skincare philosophy: use organic, seasonal products to harness the power of nature applied with energy to encourage blood flow, drain toxins and render skin bouncier and more contoured, which is essentially all my favourite Read more →

A Customised Diet Plan: Paget & Coles Review

Paget & Coles Nutritional Therapy Review

I’m unapologetically critical of diets. The very word itself, though etymologically derived from the Greek diaita (meaning to eat a healthy, varied diet with a view to longterm good health) makes me shudder; it usually denotes the oddest eating practices that wreak havoc on the body. I say this from Read more →

REVIEW: Hotel Xenia, Kensington


Prior to visiting Hotel Xenia I was quite frankly a little incredulous when I heard that there was some exceptional Italian food being served up in a hotel restaurant down the quieter end of Cromwell Road. Hotel restaurants are on the whole rather the weaker army on the culinary battlefield Read more →

PHOTO DIARY: Austria & Schloss Fuschl


At the end of last year I celebrated the pretty big milestone of turning 30. While I don’t balk at advancing age (I have started to really enjoy the increasing confidence and diminishing tolerance for BS from others that accompanies each new year), I still felt that the start of Read more →