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An Oskia Facial At The One Aldwych Hotel: Pretty Much The Best Friday Night Ever…

One Aldwych Spa Review

Here’s the thing: brands that make great skincare for use at home often make for disappointing facials. A good facial is so very reliant on the skills of the giver, you see, and far less so on the products than skincare companies would like you to believe. There are basically Read more →

TRAVEL // The Lavender Hotel

Lavender at The Bedford Lodge Hotel

I used to go out with a boy who hailed from the sleepy market town of Newmarket, which is best known for its racecourses. As is my experience with all places that are known for something in particular, my overriding memories of the place are quite different – I picture Read more →

TRAVEL // The Oh-So-Genteel Riviera Town Menton


As a child, my parents used to take my siblings and I to the South of France almost every summer. There, we’d amble along La Croissette, drinking in the sunshine and scent of coconut suncream mingled with cigarette smoke, warm croissants and coffee to a backdrop of an azure coastline Read more →

5 Things // Brighton

Brighton Travel Guide

Before I left for Brighton, someone told me it’s often referred to as ‘London by the sea.’ Though I’d visited the city countless times before, this affectionate epithet framed it anew in my eyes and I started to wonder if I’d missed something – yes, Brighton may have recently revamped Read more →

REVIEW // Fere and Hasti Facial

Fere & Hasti Review

I’ve walked into countless facials hoping for something different to the treatment I was served up. That’s not to say they’ve been bad, per se, but just that facialists often have an agenda and basically look at your skin and see the problems they think you have.* It was a Read more →

TRAVEL // BMW + A Chauffeur + A Chateau

Chateau de Vault de Lugny Swimming Pool

I have an embarrassing admission to make: I can’t drive. Scratch that – I can drive, I just haven’t passed my test. There is a difference: while I feel perfectly comfortable being in control of moving a car, other drivers bother me immensely – like walking down Oxford Street, I Read more →

Isn’t It Pretty? Portugal Photo Diary


Now that I’m thoroughly over the excitement of getting back to London, I’m kind of wishing I were back in Portugal (I know, the sun is always goldener…) so am indulging in a session of looking at the photos of my holiday instead and thought I might share some for Read more →

REVIEW // Cherry Woods Facial

Cherry Woods Facial Review

Noticed that I’ve slowed down a touch on recommending facials? This isn’t a sign of my having given up trying all and sundry, but rather of my exacting standards when it comes to facials; this blog is my place, dictated by none and I can accordingly set the barometer very high indeed. Cherry Read more →

BOOKSHELF // Five Great Reads

Book Recommendations

The final chapter of a good book presents a dilemma: to continue to read at breakneck speed through the denouement, or to slow right down in the hope of prolonging the joy of reading something so very absorbing? It helps, of course, if you’ve got your next great read lined Read more →

PHOTO DIARY: Elvis Hits London

Elvis Presley's Wallet

I know – I’m a bit behind on this one: despite being an ardent Elvis fan, it’s taken me a good few months to go to see the exhibition of around 300 of his personal artefacts. The reason for my delay? I honestly had misgivings about the slightly macabre nature of Read more →